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Our mission is to promote jazz dance through performance and education in order to preserve this style of dance for which we have great respect and appreciation.


On August 6, 2016 in Greenville SC, the Crawford Jazz Project (CJP) took the stage for their premiere performance.

For Carrie Crawford, the dream of creating her own professional company had become a reality. The groundwork for Crawford Jazz Project was laid over a decade earlier. Carrie Crawford initiated a professional training program at the dance studio Dancers Corner in Greenville, SC. She intensely trained a group of dancers in preparation for the professional world of dance. Little did Crawford know she was preparing them for her future company. On opening night, Crawford remarked, “If this company opens one person’s eyes to the beauty of Jazz dance, I will consider It a success.” CJP’s mission is to inform audiences of what Jazz dance is and to offer an experience that is dynamic, provoking, and fulfilling. Through performances and workshops, CJP is able to leave individuals with a deeper understanding and appreciation for dance and music.

The CJP dancers greatly benefited from training under Crawford’s sophisticated and informed wing. Crawford now endeavors to foster an environment where dancers can continue expanding their knowledge of Jazz dance, while simultaneously sharing this information with diverse communities.

There is no denying the magic that is created when CJP is together. To witness the Crawford Jazz Project is to fall in love with Jazz dance

CJP is proudly sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3)public charity. Monetary contributions to CJP are 100% tax deductible.

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Mark Charney

Show Director / Clemson University

“As a past Director of Theatre at Clemson University, I wanted at one point to elevate the state of the musicals we were producing. Much of the problem, as I saw it, rested with the poor choreography of past productions. We had a new building. We had talented students. We had good voices and a fine orchestra, but we lacked someone to lead our students to professional choreography. Granted, with so few dance courses, our students were untrained, but when I hired Carrie Crawford, first for Urinetown and then for Rent, the choreography not only immediately improved, but surprisingly, Carrie took us to professional heights. Her gift is working with students with little background in dance, Not only did she choreograph sophisticated dances, but she could gauge the abilities of the students and push them, without pushing them away. She was kind, inventive, a great collaborator, and even better, a friend of the entire production. Beloved by the students, Carrie is the reason for the success of those two shows, and I’d hire her to choreograph any show, any time. She is simply the best. “

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Pierre-Alain Chevalier

Music Director / Baytown Symphony Orchestra

It was my privileged to conduct a concert that featured Crawford Jazz Project, an all-around outstanding organization. Of course Crawford Jazz Project is well organized and operates with the highest level of professionalism, but that’s only the beginning. Carrie Crawford’s choreography is inspired, and exceedingly musical in its gesture and lyricism. Her interpretation of the repertoire and source material was studied, thoughtful and artistic. She was open to suggestions and willing to work collaboratively, but there was nothing for me to add to her vision: it was magical. The dancers in this troupe are top notch—coming from all across the country—and our audience adored them. They were clearly the hit of the night. From beginning to end the entire collaborative process was a dream. We have already begun planning our next project together!

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Kim Martin

Theatre Director / Lee College

“When it came time to selected a company to add a dance component to our season-ending civic symphony concert, I can’t imagine that we could have chosen a better group than the Crawford Jazz Project. The professionalism of the leadership and the company was impressive, and their contribution was inspired and enthusiastic. They immediately grasped what we were attempting to do, and they arrived at the rehearsals highly prepared. Their performance energized the audience and broadened the appeal of the music in ways that we had only dreamed might could happen. These are no amateurs. Their artistic contribution brought a unique aesthetic to our collaboration.”

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